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About  Newstonsville
Newtonsville Unchanged  ~  View Newspaper Artical

Newtonsville Was First Named Newtonville

Newtonsville Is Situated On The Logtown And Newtonsville Free Turnpike ( Highway 131 ).
It Was Laid Out March 30, 1838 By Stephen Whitaker And Cornelius Washburn,
And Contained Thirty-Two Lots And Four Streets.
Via: Amity, Main, Liberty, And Cross,
Each 66 Feet Wide.

An Additional Twelve Lots on Logtown Pike Was Made January 21, 1938.

The Frst Home Was A One Story Log Building Built By _______ on lot ____.

The Second Home Was Built By Benjamin Clemons On Lot # 5, In 1839
Where Genio Lived It Was Also The Location Of The First Store By Moses Pickelhemer.

The Second Store Was Kept By Samuel Belts In 1849.

In 1869 Zeb South Built A Storeroom Where The Post Office Now Stands.


Other Businesses

In 1870 Zeb Dickinson, Who Was In Charge Of All Infermies In The State Of Ohio,
had a store at the vacant lot on the south west corner of Main and Cross streets
along with G.E. Mattox’s drug store.

In 1876 A Grange-Store Was Started On The Same Spot.

In 1866 Francis Kelsey Had A Harness Shop.

In 1870, Abraham Whitaker Built A Wagon Shop
where Liz and Bill Smith now live.

In 1876 Samuel McKinnie Built A Carpenter Shop
where Gino had his garage on the south west corner of Liberty and Cross.

There Were Many Other Successful Business During This Time.
Wood Working Shops, Turning Lathes, Harness Shops, A Cooper Shop and Cabinet Shops.

As Of The Census Of 2000,
There Were 492 People,
175 Households,  ~   137 families
Residing In The Village