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Newtonsville  Airport     Ben Gully ( Proprietor )

Airport Location : State Route 131  
Just Before Entering Newtonsville City Limits
Traveling From Milford, Ohio Towards Newtonsville

Air field, operated by Ben Gully, located on St Rt 131,
going west, just outside of town.

The roof of the large barn says "Newtonsville, O".

The barn and house are still there up on the hill and the farmhouse closer to the road is still there and is
currently the Moore residence.

First Seat : Judy Gully /  Ben Gully Jr.
Second Seat : Pilot : Ben Gully
Left to Right :
Judy Gully   /  Eva Gully   /  Ben Gully  /  Ben Gully Jr.
Aerial  View  Of  Newtonsville Airport
Red Arrow Is The Runway  ~  Lower Right  ~  Cedarville Road
Aerial  View  Of  Newtonsville
And Surrounding Area

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