Newtonsville Gas Stations

Lykins Gas Station

Guy "Bandy" Lykins, a tenant farmer, decided to open a "White Rose" service station in Newtonsville, Ohio
in order to support his family.
The station had been closed because none of the three previous owners had been able to make a profit.
Bandy rented the station for $50 per month.
The station was branded Mobil, as White Rose refused to supply partial gasoline deliveries.
Bandy could not afford a full load.

A local Gulf distributor bought the station.
During this period, Don purchased his first fuel oil truck at fourteen years of age (before reaching the legal driving age of sixteen).

Don, always the dealmaker, worked out a plan with his principal and his teacher to leave school after lunch.
If they would look the other way when he climbed out of the classroom window,
he would supply each of them with three dollars worth of gasoline per week.

This was the beginning of Lykins Heating Oil business with Don and his older brother, Guy Jr.,
supplying customers with their own trucks.

Don was also successful in talking a fellow student, Linda, his future wife, into doing his homework

The Company received its corporate charter from the State of Ohio.
That same year, the Gulf distributor changed to Sinclair,
but Gulf purchased the property across the street.

Guy agreed to move because of his allegiance to Gulf.
Unfortunately, when the lease was up, the new station was not complete.
Don, Guy Jr. and Guy Sr. carried the inventory of tires and motor oil across the street,
then home to their barn each night.

This went on for 30 days until the building was finished.
Guy would not consider staying closed.

He was committed to servicing his customers.

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Guy continued his commitment to his customers.
During this year, there was a huge snowfall.
Guy got his two sons out of bed to shovel a path to the station.
Although they had only one customer that day, since hardly anyone was out on the roads,
Guy demonstrated a point to his two sons customers come first.

Lykins builds its first office in Newtonsville, Ohio.

Its 3,000 square feet and employs 15 people.

Guy steps down as President.

Don becomes President and Guy Jr. becomes Vice President.

Lykins operates as a Gulf marketer for fuel, oil and a tires, batteries and accessories dealer
in Clermont and Hamilton counties.

The Photo On the Right,
Jones Truck and Auto is now in this same location.

Photo Provided By : Lykins Oil
The two brothers open Lykins Sales and Service
A Lawn Equipment Dealer

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The blizzard in Cincinnati shuts down the area.

Lykins is the only company running within 50 miles of Cincinnati.

The family spends three days shuttling fuel to
National Guard helicopters to be transported to homes
that had no oil and which trucks could not reach.
Lykins Gulf  ~  1948
 Newtonsville  Hutchinson  Road And St. Rt. 131
Lykins Gulf  ~  1950's  /  1960's
St.  Rt. 131  And  Newtonsville  Hutchinson  Road
Guy Lykins Grandson   ~   Gary Gooch
Kirby's Gas Station
Harris Kirby Sr.   /   Robert Kirby