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Newtonsville  School  ~  Prior To 1915
Location : State Route 131
Over The Years, Newtonsville Has Built 10 Schools Due To The Districts Population Increase
Newtonsville  School  ~ 1915    State Route 131
Mid To Late 1950's The Building Shown Above Was Again Renovated For Population Expansion
New Classrooms Were Constructed In The Once Empty Basement   /   Indoor Plumming Replaced The Outdoor Facilites
And A Few Years Later, Temporaly Class Rooms Were Constructed Within The School Gymnasium For Grades 7 And 8
Newtonsville School Restroom During The 1950's
Still Standing  ~  Photo Taken April 1, 2010
# 2 School House
State Route 727 ~ Close To Lair Road  ~  Photo Taken April 1, 2010
Newtonsville School  7th  &  8th  Grade
Class Of 1960 - 1961


This School Building Was Located Adjacent To
The 1915 School Building

It Was Built And Used For The 7th & 8th Grade Classes
Of Newtonsville Elementry

1958  ( Owensville )
Clermont Northeastern High School Opens For Classes
Grades 9  -  12

Over The Years C.N.E. Continued To Expanded It's School System,
Combining A Centeral Location For;
Grade School Students / Middle School Students / High School Students

In The Late 1960's, The School House Built In 1915 Was Demolished,
Moving All Pre-Highschool Students
To The New Location At C.N.E.

The School Building Shown At The Left Then Became Obsolete
It Is Currently Used As Newtonsville Municipal Building