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Stonelick   Lake  /  Swimming  /  Fishing  /  Frozen

When Viewing The Photo On The Left You Will Notice A Road At The Base Of The Background Tree Line ( Cemetery Drive )
Cemetery Drive Is Accessed From St.Rt. 727 and Leads To The Edenton Cemetery
At One Time There Was A Bridge Which Spaned Across Stonelick Lake Ending At,
What Use To Be The Stonelick Boat Rental

Some Say That Remnants Of The Old Bridge Can Still Be Found Below The Surface Of The Lake

Land acquisition for Stonelick State Park began in 1948.
Stonelick Lake is on Stonelick Creek in Clermont County, Ohio
It was built in 1949.
At normal levels it has a surface area of 152 acres.

Stonelick Lake Dam is of earthen construction.
Its height is 29 feet with a length of 1500 feet.
Maximum discharge is 10465 cubic feet per second.
Its capacity is 3511 acre feet.
Normal storage is 1013 acre feet.
It drains an area of 23.2 square miles.

The Dam Across Stonelick Creek Was Completed In 1950

Stonelick  Lake  Swimming Area
Stonelick  Lake  Fishing Spot

Fuller's Bridge  -  Stonelick Creek  -  Edenton
Fuller's Bridge  -  Stonelick Creek

A Favorite Site On Stonelick Creek

The Bridge Was Removed In 1949
To Make Room For Stonelick Lake

Some Reamins Of Bridge Buttment
and Roadway Still Visible Today

Walking  Across The Frozen Lake  ~  Winter Of 1961

Stonelick Lake  Winter Of 1961

At Age 13
My Parents and I Visited The Lake, Entering From Cemetery Drive ( Edenton )

It Was Hard To Believe The Sight We Were Viewing, The Entire Lake Was Frozen !
Then My Farther Suggested We Walk Across The Lake From Cemetery Drive To The Beach Area

Learning At A Very Early Age,
That A Suggestion Was A Polite Way Of Giving An Order,  We Started Walking
Walking On The Ice Was Like a Loud, Amplified Version Of Kellogg's Rice Khrispies . . . SNAP / CRACKLE / POP
Fearing Each Step Would Be My Last, and Crying Like A Newborn Baby
We Completed Our Task
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