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Newtonsville  Trolly  Depot
The powerhouse for the C, M & L Traction line,
located at the corner of N. Cross and Liberty.
The Powerhouse was operated by Edward DuFau.
The line was discontinued around 1926,
the station burned down sometime after that.
Remnants of the stone foundation can still be seen where it stood.

Location : Cross Street
C. M. B. Traction Line Depot  -  Edenton, Ohio
C. M. B. Traction Line Depot  -  Edenton, Ohio

C M B Traction Line Car approaching Depot at Edenton Ohio - Barr Farm and now State Route 133 in background
Newstonville Site Map

The C. Mo & Lo ( Cincinnati, Milford and Loveland )
Traction Followed The Steam Road To Newtonsville
And Eventually Going Through To Blanchester Instead Of Loveland

Wood­land Park Came Into Being After The Traction,
And Became Very Popular As A Recreation Area For Cincinnatians,
Coming Out On The Traction By The Carload

William Jennings Bryant
Spoke There During His Campaign For President Of The United States

The Traction Was Discontinued Around 1926
The Power Station Burned Sometime Later

The Railway Accident At Batavia, Ohio - 1884
A Delicate Balance saved the passengers in this car from death.
On October 17, 1884, the railroad bridge over the Little Miami River at Batavia, Ohio
collapsed under the weight of this train. 
The engine, baggage car and first coach fell fifty feet into the river.
The last coach was very lucky.